Deal(s) of the Week!


ending January 28...

I love bread and a good, organic loaf can get pricey. I do make my own cinnamon swirl bread but a bread packed with grains and seeds, well that's a bit of a stretch. So when I saw this deal I knew I had to stock up. Take advantage of this week if you are a Prime Member. I saved $5.40 on bread this week by shopping at Whole Foods Market. Normally the best deal for Dave's Killer Bread in my area is at Costco. For $7.99 I get 2, 27 oz. loaves of the Organic 21 Whole Grains And Seeds Bread. Having gone through the bread in the freezer, I added bread to my Costco list only to remove it on Wednesday when I checked the sales for Whole Foods. I picked up 4 loaves of the thin sliced bread, that I prefer, for $10.58 instead of $15.98 for the thicker sliced bread. Extra bonus if you are counting calories, there is a 40 calorie difference between the thick and thin slice!