Can You Save More Money At Aldi?


Cheese, Please...
Do you make homemade pizza, baked pastas, tacos, grilled cheese, or just love cheese? Chances are you may have purchased the larger bags and blocks of cheese at Costco thinking that buying bigger means saving money. Sometimes that is true, however some dairy prices have gone up at Costco.

So, is it still the best bet to buy in bulk? No. Plan to buy your cheese at Aldi. It may not look like you are saving a lot of money but overtime those savings add up if you shop at Aldi for cheese.

Price Comparison: Cheese

Product Aldi Price Aldi Price Costco Price
Shredded Mozzarella Cheese 16 oz. 32 oz. 80 oz.
Price $2.75 $5.19 $14.99
Price Per Unit $0.172 per oz. $0.162 per oz. $0.187 per oz.
Savings $1.24 $2.015 ----
Yearly Savings* $14.88 $24.18 ----
Sharp Cheddar Cheese $1.69 --- $6.99
Size 8 oz. --- 32 oz.
Price Per Unit $0.211 per oz. --- $0.218 per oz.
Savings Totals $0.23 --- ---
Yearly Savings** $5.52 --- ---

Caluculations are based on the current prices. Savings may vary if prices and quantity purchased change throughout the year.

*Yearly Savings based on purchasing 1, 5lb. bag of shredded mozzarella a month.

**Yearly Savings based on purchasing 2, 32 oz. blocks of cheddar cheese a month.