Beach towel on sand

Aldi Finds for the Week of May 14!


Sales Begin on Sunday, May 14 or Wednesday, May 17!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day! How many of you went to Aldi? I'm raising my hand too because if it is our special day why not spend some of it at Aldi! Also, our store is one that begins their sales on Sunday!

Summer on a Budget

The weather is warming up and the last day of school is rapidly approaching which means that summer is coming! From beach towels to giant lawn games, Aldi has stocked The Aisle with many budget-friendly summer related finds.

What's New This Week at Aldi

  • Affordable Cast Iron
  • Outdoor Summer themed items
  • Frozen Food for a BBQ

  • Go to the Aldi Finds here. (images included)

Aldi Finds for the Week of May 14 & May 17

Home Goods

utility tote and box bag


Cast iron
Indoor/Outdoor Tablecloth

Garden & Patio

Garden & Patio items

Home Improvement

Box fan and pedestal fan


Sandals, court shoes, and children's character items

Kids & Baby

summer toys

Sports & Outdoor Activities

Bike helmet, accessories, and multipurpose cart
bike seat cover, summer lawn giant games
sports balls, swimming pool


kombucha or V8

Bakery & Bread

Bakery and Vegan Brioche Buns





Frozen Foods

frozen beef patties

Fresh Meat & Seafood

Fresh beef kabobs, pork butt, or salmon

Household Essentials

classic toilet paper or paper plates

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