Aldi Finds for the Week of March 5!

Aldi Finds for the Week of March 5!


Sales begin on Sunday, March 5 or Wednesday, March 8

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Happy March Shoppers! I'll say this is an interesting selection of products for Aldi Finds. If you got used to seeing various holiday-themed merchandise in the store each week, dating back to the first pumpkin spiced flavored coffee in September, this selection may be a bit of a letdown. Unless you are dreaming of spring.

What's New...

There is a large assortment of items in the Garden & Patio category to jumpstart the planting season. Keep in mind the trees, bushes, and shrubs some not available in all locations now. They should be available in other locations on April 15.

Aldi Finds for the Week of March 5

Budget-Friendly Snacks at Aldi  

My pick of the week is popcorn, a budget-friendly snack that I was hesitant to make. Some mediocre results and a few bad batches of popcorn justified my purchase of Skinny Pop. The large bag at Costco was a regular fixture on my shopping list. As the price for Skinny Pop increased, I decided to add popcorn kernels to my grocery list again. Then I went in search of a better way to make stovetop popcorn! Yes, I actually Googled it and found the best recipe for popcorn at Cookies & Kate.

Popcorn kernels

To Buy or Not to Buy at Aldi This Week?

Well, that depends on 3 things: Time, Money, and Frequency!

1. Time: how much effort is it to go to another store to buy the cheaper product?
2. Money: how much will you be saving and how much money will you spend in gas to get to the other store.
3. Frequency: How often are you buying popcorn. (check below for more)

Let's check out 3 stores where you can buy popcorn cheaper this week...

1. Walmart:
Great Value™ Yellow Popping Corn, 32 oz. - $2.28
At $0.071 per ounce a 45 oz. container is $3.21.

Savings: $0.78

2. Target:
Market Pantry™ All Natural Popping Yellow Kernels, 45 oz. - $3.49
$0.078 per ounce.

Savings: $0.50. Target and Aldi both sell a 45 oz. container.

3. Dollar Tree:
Jolly Time® Popcorn, 20 oz. - $1.25
At $0.063 per ounce a 45 oz. container is $2.81

Savings: $1.18

After looking at the savings, is this a large enough amount for you to buy popcorn at another store?

How much popcorn do you need?

One ounce of popcorn kernels makes between 2 to 3 cups of popped popcorn. A 45 oz. container of popcorn will make approximately 90 to 135 cups of popped popcorn.

How many cups of popcorn in a serving?

A typical serving of popcorn is around 4 to 5 cups popped. So, the popcorn at Aldi yields roughly 18-33 servings. That is a broad range given the numbers but if we meet in the middle, the average is 25 servings.

Savings Over Time

I love to project the savings out over time to see if those will actually add up to the point I will adjust how I shop. So let's assume that you only buy popcorn once a month. Here is what you will save...

Walmart - $9.36
Target - $6.00
Dollar Tree - $14.16

Inside the Aldi Finds Numbers This Week

81: the number of Aldi Finds on the list this week.

15: the number or categories of products featured this week.

14: the most products featured in a category (Household Essentials)

4: the number of categories with 2 items each (Travel, Pantry Essentials, Beverages, and Fresh Meat & Seafood)

1: one category with one product (Personal Care, Crane - Personal Sinus Steam Inhaler)

$1.99: the cheapest new Aldi Finds this week (Clancy's - Nashville Hot Chicken or Cuban Sandwich Kettle Chips)

$79.99: the price of the most expensive item on this week's list (WORKZONE - 3-Shelf Tall Cabinet)

Just for fun: if you purchased 1 each of every Aldi Finds on the list your grand total would be...$959.89 before taxes.


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