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Aldi Finds for the Week of February 5


Happy February!

The latest Aldi Finds list is here so start your grocery list early. There are over 80 items available in the store this week.

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What's New in the Aldi Finds Aisle This Week...

  1. Fusia Asian Inspirations
    Are you craving a Chinese take-out but going out to eat is breaking your budget? Save by shopping at Aldi. Fusia Asian Inspirations products are featured this week with a wide selection of products ranging from noodle bowls to mini wontons.
  2. Crofton Wok, Bowls, and Serveware
    After preparing your "take-out" in the wok, serve it in ceramic noodle bowls with chopsticks.  
  3. Serra
    All the Aldi fashionistas look out, the long sleeve cozy romper is back in gray or pink.
  4. Laundry Solutions
    While Aldi cannot do your laundry for you, they can make your laundry room organized this week with the Huntington Home Laundry Storage System and a bit of whimsy...
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Aldi Finds for the Week of February 5


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