Christmas Budget list

Aldi Finds for the Week of December 4.


Sales start Sunday, December 4, or Wednesday, December 7!

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Wow! We are officially in December with the first Aldi Finds list of the month. Has a bit of panic set in knowing that there is less than a month Christmas?

Stay on Your Christmas Budget

Stay on budget with over 100 Aldi Finds items that will have you crossing off names on your gift list this week. Aldi is filled with toys and games for all ages, but supplies can be limited. Unfortunately, not every Aldi stocks all the items featured each week. Shipping delays have also affected the availability of some items. (If there is something I was looking for but don't see it, I check with the store. The staff is great about letting me know if the item is something they didn't get but will be expecting it in future shipments or they are not getting it).

Aldi Finds for the Week of December 4

Advent & Holiday Calendars




Home Improvement


Kids & Baby

Personal Care

School & Office Supplies

Pet Supplies

Arts & Entertainment

Sports & Outdoor Activities



Do you live in a state that sells wine and/or beer at Aldi? Check here.


Bakery & Bread


Breakfast & Cereals


Frozen Foods

Fresh Meat & Seafood

Pantry Essentials

Household Essentials