Aldi grocery haul displayed on a table. Including eggs, bread, milk, and more.

A Holiday Grocery Haul, Saving Money, and More...


Here is my latest grocery hauls for the first week of July. I am budgeting $475.00 for the month with 5 of us at home. That includes 1 picky eater and a vegetarian, which makes meal planning fun. This week I spent  $134.25 at Aldi, ShopRite, and our local Farmer's Market. I spent $18.50 on lettuce, broccoli, scallions, cabbage, and micro-greens.

So shopping for a holiday can add to the budget a bit. Here are the items that I normally don't buy but did so for July 4th.

Beef Patties ($9.35, Aldi)
Brioche Buns ($3.69, Aldi)
Petite Potatoes ($3.19, Aldi)
White Cheddar Cheese ($2.65, Aldi)
Lemon Pound Cake Mix ($1.69, Aldi)
Hot Dogs ($5.49, Aldi)
Hot Dogs Buns ($0.79, Aldi)
Corn (10 for $2.00, ShopRite)
Baked Beans ($1.99, ShopRite)
Total: $30.84

My Aldi Grocery Haul Shopping List for Saturday

Some Notable Price Changes at Aldi This Week.

Product Previous Price Date Current Price ↑ ↓
Organic Grapes $4.49 (2 lb.) 06/14/21 $4.79
Organic Hot Dogs $4.99 05/24/21 $5.49
Garlic Bulbs $0.99 10/18/18 $1.19
Granulated Sugar $1.99 02/05/21 $2.07
Organic Light Brown Sugar $2.45 03/22/19 $2.69
1% Gallon Milk $2.99 05/15/19 $2.57
Chicken Breast Fillets (Red Bag Chicken) $5.99 10/27/20 $6.29
Chicken Fries $4.99 02/10/21 $5.35
Black Angus Beef Patties
(Bacon Cheddar or Unseasoned)
$6.99 05/24/21 $7.39
Blueberries (ASF) $1.99 06/21/21 $1.49
Large Haas Avocados (ASF) $0.85 05/23/21 $0.79
Little Salad Bar, Flat Leaf Spinach (ASF) $1.49 12/04/18 $0.99
Earth Grown Veggie Burgers (ASF) $2.49 01/04/21 $3.09
Pasta Sides (ASF) $0.75 06/22/21 $0.79
Fresh Atlantic Salmon Side $6.99 per lb. 03/08/21 $7.59 per lb.
Grass-Fed Organic Ground Beef $4.85 per lb. 06/21/21 $4.65 per lb.
Ground Beef Patties $9.49 06/04/21 $9.35
Original or Italian Meatballs $4.29 03/15/21 $3.79
Take & Bake Pizza
$4.99 04/22/19 $5.99
Take & Bake Pizza
$4.99 04/22/19 $5.49
Hot Dog or Hamburger Buns $0.85 08/31/20 $0.79
Paper Towels
6-Roll Multisize
$6.49 02/17/21 $6.99
Coconut Oil $4.49 01/15/19 $3.79
Barissimo Coffee Cups $3.89 09/20/20 $3.49
Simms Snack Sticks
Beef or Turkey
$3.29 $3.49
Roasted Pistachios $6.79 01/25/21 $5.79
Deluxe Cashews
$12.99 09/08/20 $10.35
Deluxe Mixed Nuts
$12.45 09/08/20 $12.19
Deluxe Cashews
$10.99 11/22/20 $10.35
Roasted Almonds
with Sea Salt
$4.89 04/05/19 $4.59
Halves & Pieces
$3.75 N/A $3.45
ASF: Aldi Sales Flyer for the week of July 4

Keep in mind the price changes reflect those prices and dates from the Aldi Price List. The actual price difference of an item may vary depending on the date it was last updated on the Aldi Price List.

My ShopRite Grocery Haul Shopping List

I completed the shopping for our July 4th cookout menu by going to ShopRite on Sunday to take advantage of the new sales (corn was 10 for $2.00). I saved $16.34 by shopping for the following items at ShopRite instead of Aldi:

  • Organic Quinoa:
    Aldi: $2.79, 16 oz.
    ShopRite: $1.49, 12 oz.
    (savings: $0.80)
  • White Rice:
    Aldi: $1.89, 3 lb.
    ShopRite: $7.99, 20 lb.
    (savings: $4.61)
  • Orange Juice:
    Aldi: $2.09, 52 oz.
    ShopRite: $0.99, 52 oz.
    (savings: $2.20)
  • Organic Milk:  
    Aldi: $2.89, 64 oz.
    ShopRite: $4.99, 128 oz.
    (savings: $0.79)
  • Eggs:  
    Aldi: $2.25, 1 dozen
    ShopRite:  $0.99, 1 dozen
    (savings for 2: $2.52)
  • Corn:
    Aldi: $1.99 for 4 ct.
    ShopRite: $2.00 for 10
    (savings: $2.95)
  • Goldfish:
    Aldi: $1.49, 6.6 oz. (Baked Cheddar Snack Crackers)
    ShopRite: 3 for $2.00, 6.6 oz. ea.
    (savings: $2.47)  

I did go back to Aldi to pick up the shoes shown below. I know 2 days in a row, sounds crazy? Not when the Aldi Finds in our area begin on Sundays and there is a great deal on something I can use. This week I wanted a closed-toe shoe for my 15 year old without spending a small fortune. So I made sure to be at the store around 9:00. First, I go to our Dollar Tree at 9 for the newspaper. Yes, I still clip coupons to save money on personal care products at CVS while earning Extra Care Bucks. Plus for $1.00, we get the comics and a crossword puzzle each week! As an added bonus, I use the comics for wrapping paper! I made it to Aldi and found the shoes still well stocked, but no beach towels. While I was there, I did a quick search for the red discount stickers on bread and chicken. I scored two packages of chicken with 50% off stickers on them! The additional $7.48 is reflected in my final spending total above. Now I have more chicken in the freezer for meals later this month.

Men's Trekking Sandals with bungee cord pulls in black and gray
They run true to size!

Meal Plan for the Week of July 4:

Sunday: Hamburgers, Hotdogs, and Veggie Burgers with Corn, 2-Step Potatoes**, Baked Beans, and Salad
Monday: Veggie Bites with July 4th sides left over.
Tuesday: Turkey Tacos (1/2 turkey tenderloin shredded from Saturday)
Wednesday: Yes, even more July 4th leftovers.
Thursday: Mac-n-Cheese (box) w/ Roasted Broccoli
Friday: Homemade Pizza and Pizza Sauce***
Saturday: Take Out (using a gift card)!

A challenge I have when planning my meals for the week is how to accommodate the non-meat eaters in the family. I am trying to end the madness of making 2 or 3 different meals for the 5 of us. So far this week is fine because I used a portion of the turkey tenderloin I made on Saturday. I shredded it and put it in a separate bowl so we can assemble the tacos with or without using the turkey.

** Using small potatoes, I steam them, then sauté them in butter and olive oil browning the potatoes, cut side down until crispy. Finish with chopped chives on the potatoes.  

*** For an easy homemade pizza sauce, I use a can of tomato paste and mix it with water, some olive oil, and season to taste with garlic, oregano, a pinch of sugar, salt, and pepper.