12 Things I Always Buy at Aldi

12 Things I Always Buy at Aldi


When asked what are the best things to buy at Aldi, making this list was easy. Here are the 12 items I almost always buy at Aldi.  There are other items that I buy at Aldi but will shop for them at other stores when there is a sale. Stay tuned for that list. Each week most, if not all, the items are on my shopping list. Except for the parmesan wedge, that usually lasts a few weeks.

Why did these make the list? 2 words preference and price! Not only are the following items my family's favorite, they are the cheapest of the stores in my area, and there are several stores I could shop at.  I would love to hear from you on what's your favorite Aldi products. Leave a comment below or head over to our Facebook page and let us know!

Product Aldi Price Price/Store
Organic Salsa $1.89 $2.49 (Trader Joe's)
Organic Milk $2.89 $3.49 (Trader Joe's & ShopRite)
Applesauce $1.95 $3.19 (ShopRite)
Saltines $0.75 $0.79 (ShopRite)
Organic Pasta Sauce $1.89 $2.29 (Whole Foods Market)
English Muffins $1.15 $1.79 (Trader Joe's)
Cream Cheese $0.79 $1.69 (Trader Joe's)
Cheese Block $1.69 $1.99 (ShopRite)
Parmesan Wedge $3.79 $5.99 (ShopRite)
Greek Yogurt $3.39 $4.79 (ShopRite)
Spreadable Butter $2.25 $2.88 (ShopRite)
Pita Crackers $1.65 $2.49 (Trader Joe's)
Totals $24.04 $33.87
  • the competitor's price is the cheapest of those I shop at. I don't have a price list for ShopRite since I normally shop that store when an item is on sale and/or I have a coupon.

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