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My Target Trip and On-line Rebate App Fails.

I finally finished the rest of this post. Although this happened a few weeks ago I thought I would share this with you. Hopefully, this won't happen to you and if it has, you are not alone.

Try and Fail 1:

So, I went to Target again this week. The first trip was to pick up a perscription for my middle son who has strep throat AGAIN! I picked up 2 Oreo Chocolate Candy Bars because I had a coupon for $1.00/2 and a rebate offer on Check Out 51 that I wanted to use. I really wanted to see if this app works because I've had it on my phone since February 2017 and have yet to cash out. When I was about to take the photo of the receipt I noticed I lost the actual receipt! I remember being distracted at the self check out and may have forgotten it there. Thankfully, I paid in cash so no personal information was on the receipt.

Try and Fail 2:

Since I had another Oreo coupon, it's off to Target to buy the candy bars again. Well no such luck redeeming it again. The app says my limit is reached although there are no receipts pending approval. I may have to find a video or a blog on how to use Checkout 51 app.

Try and Fail 3:

This was more of a technical issue with the internet in the store combine with my inability to remember which product qualifies for each rebate. I purchased 2 Nature Valley products, forgetting that the bars I chose were not part of the promotion at Target. I noticed in the car when I submitted my receipt. I was one rebate short of earning the bonus and thought of going back in Target to get the proper bars. I searched the rebates and found one for Earth Balance Spread at Whole Foods I could use. That purchase qualified for the monthly bonus and I was able to cash out for another gift card to use at Whole Foods Market.

Lessons Learned

  1. Always remember my receipts: I have a wallet with an extra zipper compartment that I can store the receipts properly.

  2. Write down the details: I need to make a more detailed note of the Ibotta rebate on my shopping list, in the event I forget my phone or the connection to the internet in the store is spotty!

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