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2017 - What I spent so far...

As we enter a new phase in our lives, I have adjusted when and how often I shop for groceries. Our oldest left for college on August 25 and the other three started school on August 28, so my 4 week block started on August 26. My plan is to cut down on the number of times I go shopping and the money spent.

Shortly into the first shopping block, our local Aldi announced they are renovating the store and will be closed for 6 weeks. I had just added Aldi to the weekly rotation. Most likely, you are reading this after our local farmer's market season ended too. So, sadly, I will miss the incredibly large heads of lettuce, but my Saturdays are free. Most Fridays will be dedictated to shopping with an occasional trip on a Thursday. To further reduce our budget, I have reduced my trips to Whole Foods to every other week instead of weekly. The kids are having cheese sandwiches for school lunches that week I don't have ham.

My Receipts for the first 4 week block:

Store Week 1 (8/26) Week 2 (9/1-9/2) Week 3 (9/8- 9/9) Week 4 (9/15-9/17)
Costco $68.28
Aldi $47.83 $23.61 $22.40 $5.87
Shoprite $60.34 $62.35
Whole Foods $14.37 $25.89* $35.50 $29.54
Farmers' Market $7.00 $9.00 $7.00 $8.25
Target $2.66
Trader Joe's $67.85
TOTALS $197.82 $58.50 $195.10 $46.32

This 4 week total was $497.74. Hurray! I am under budget by $2.26.

Block 2

Store Week 1 (9/21-9/23) Week 2 (9/25-9/29) Week 3 (10/6) Week 4 (10/13)
Costco $23.78 (TH)
Aldi $51.41 (F) $39.50 (F)
Shoprite $73.44 (F) $14.98 (M) $52.39 (F) $22.95 (F)
Whole Foods $40.60 (F) $32.72 (F) $16.70 (F) $21.64 (F)
Trader Joe's $60.44 (F)
Farmers' Market $10.00 (S) $8.00
Target $19.55 (S)
Total $218.78 $87.20 $129.53 $52.59

My Total for Block 2 was $488.10

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Costco: $71.37 is groceries but only spent $23.78 because I had the Executive Membership rewards check for $47.59.

I am underbudget by $11.90! Although I thought that number was only 3.90. I forgot we didn't go to the Farmers Market on week 2 and 3. So I had put $8.00 (what I normally spend) in week 1 and $10.00 (I actually wrote it down on the back of the Target receipt and its's was 9/23 not 9/30) in week 2's columns. It wasn't until I went to do the totals that I realized that I didn't go to the Farmer's Market on September 30.

Block 3 - $450 Challenge

Week 1 (10/20) Week 2 (10/27) Week 3 (11/3) Week 4 (11/10)
Aldi (F) Whole Foods(F) Trader Joe's Whole Foods
Costco (TH) Aldi (F) Shoprite
Shoprite (F)

Totals So Far....

Store Week 1 (10/20) Week 2 (10/27) Week 3 (11/3) Week 4 (11/10)
Costco $72.07
Aldi $44.73 $44.31 $24.80
Shoprite $72.22 $51.07 $31.28
Whole Foods $51.34** $8.58
Target $16.94 $3.89 $11.46
Trader Joe's $24.80
Walmart* $6.28
TOTALS $205.96 $101.93 $111.54 $42.74

Yes, Walmart is on the list. I normally don't shop there but was desperate for a Halloween costume for our 11 year old. I ran to Joann's to get buttons for our 6 year old's Mario costume and Walmart is across the parking lot. The clock was ticking on the perishable groceries in insulated bags in the car. I ran through the store to find a decent costume and saw the cereal aisle. I had a coupon for 2 boxes of Honey Nut Cheerios and picked up two boxes. Although in my frenzied state, my math skills escaped me and did not get as great a deal that I thought. With the coupon, the per ounce price was $.145. I have paid less at Shoprite when there is a sale and I have coupons.

** I used a $20.00 gift card from Ibotta for Whole Foods on this trip.

While at Target, taking advantage of the buy 2, get one free sale on games, I picked up Earth Balance Spread since we were completely out and the price was cheapest this week.

$30.57 left for week 4!!

Unfortunately, I went to Target again this week to pick up printer paper that our artistic 6 year old found and cleaned me out. It is near ShopRite so I decided to pick up a few items that put me over my initial $450 budget for 4 weeks by $12.17.

Total Spent: $462.17

Block 4

Week 1 (11/17 - 11/23)* Week 2 (11/24) Week 3 (12/1) Week 4 (12/8)
Aldi Shoprite Trader Joe's Shoprite
Costco Whole Foods
Whole Foods
  • This is Thanksgiving Week

Totals So Far....

Store Week 1 (11/16) Week 2 (11/24) Week 3 (12/1) Week 4 (12/8)
Costco $63.80 $34.34
Aldi $91.33 $26.46 $35.10
Shoprite $61.98 & $15.18 $40.04 $32.87
Whole Foods $41.40 $34.04
Target $19.64
Trader Joe's $36.69
TOTALS $196.53 $123.26 $180.21 $32.87

Yes, I went to Shoprite twice during the week of Thanksgiving. I was picking up a perscription for another sick family member on Friday. Our local Shoprite is across the parking lot and was having a great sale on soup that I couldn't pass up! I was aiming for $500.00 budget this month since it including Thanksgiving. I reached my $500.00 goal but am a week short. I will be going over my budget this week because I have a total of $20.00 in free grocery coupons to use the week of December 3. I am on my last 5.00 off $30.00 coupon for Aldi that I received for going to the stores grand re-opening in Novemeber. I also have a $15.00 voucher at the local Shoprite that I received for buying $100.00 in gift cards the previous week. I used the gift cards to purchase Christmas gifts that were already on our children's wish list.

Ok, my budget is officially busted but not with frivolous add ons. I picked up our Christmas ham at Aldi. After years of buying the same at black forest ham at Whole Foods Market, it was time for a change.

Total Spent: $532.87

Block 5

Week 1 (12/15)* Week 2 (12/22) Week 3 (12/29)
Aldi Shoprite Trader Joe's
Costco Whole Foods
Whole Foods
Store Week 1 (12/15) Week 2 (12/22) Week 3 (12/29)
Costco $69.68 + $3.99
Aldi $55.93 $61.57 $61.01
Shoprite $60.16 $24.26* $39.94
Whole Foods $20.24* $91.27
Target $25.30 + $6.57
Trader Joe's $25.75
C-Town* $33.40
TOTALS $241.87 $236.25 $100.95
Totals for Block 5: 579.07

I redeemed an Ibotta $20.00 gift card that reduced the total for week 1 at Whole Foods Market. The local Shoprite was running a promotion during the holidays where if you purchased $100 of gift cards you receive a $15.00 discount on our next week's purchase. Also, I used my $3.00 credit from Downtime Dollars.

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