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It was the first day of school on Monday. I am back to planning meals for a family of 5 since our daughter returned to college last week. I chose to make a simple dinner, spaghetti and meatballs, that 4 out of the 5 of us would eat. Since our youngest likes pasta but not the meatballs, there are leftovers for later in the week.

Spaghetti & Meatballs

Use a combination of clipped coupons and sales at Shoprite to make this meal for less than $3.00. That is $0.60 per serving! Check your local store's site and weekly sales here to check the current prices.

There are 2 coupons that were available in the 08/05 Smart Source insert that expire on 12/01/18. I used 3, $1.00 off 1 and the Shoprite ecoupon for $1.50 off 2.

Try this new sauce from RaguĀ®. Use the $0.75 off 1 jar (SS 08/26/18, exp. 09/23/18).

No coupons needed for the pasta. It is on-sale this week for $0.88.

For More Savings: If the pasta you like is not on sale, purchase the 2 lb. box of pasta at Aldi for $1.69. That is $0.85 a pound.

What I paid for the meal:
Meatballs: $1.24
RaguĀ®: $0.79
Pasta: $0.85 (I used a pound of pasta from Aldi)

Total: $2.88

For More Savings:If the pasta you like is not on sale, purchase the 2 lb. box of pasta at Aldi for $1.69. That is $0.85 a pound, cheaper than Ronzoni!


There is a $1.50 off Coleman Natural products available to print here. Our local Shoprite has the Polish Kielbasa on sale for $2.99. Use the coupon on get this item for as low as $1.49 in time for Labor Day!


Ground Pork


There are no coupons available for this product, that I know of, but the sale price makes this a great deal. It is $2.99 for the 16 oz. package. I use it to make the pork portion of this recipe served over brown rice.

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